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Create and schedule backup jobs for your important files and folders
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Backup4All is a complete solution for those who deal with sensitive information that demands periodical backups. It allows you to create any number of backups and supports multiple types of destinations for your files such as local/network paths, external disks, optical media, removable drives and even cloud storage services. Backup jobs scheduling is also supported by this powerful app.

Even if you are an inexpert user you can easily backup your important files using this tool, thanks to its intuitive wizard. However, if you are an expert, you can also benefit from the program's advanced mode, which allows you to configure more technical parameters such as the compression level, the task's priority and the actions to be automatically performed before and after the execution of the task. Both methods allow you to define the source files/folders to be backed up, the destination type and location, the backup type (full, differential or mirror) and the execution frequency which, in turn, allows you to optionally schedule the task to be executed daily, weekly, or monthly. The program uses standard ZIP compression for the backups so that you can use third-party file managers to explore them.

It's very important to note that the program comes in various editions - Portable, Lite, Standard, and Professional. The same trial installer allows you to test all of them, but you need to select the one you are interested in during the installation. Of course, there are important differences between the editions, and their prices also vary considerably. For example, only with the Professional edition, you can use cloud storage services like Google Drive, MS OneDrive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, and remote FTP/SFTP directories as a destination, select the AES encryption level, or create incremental backups. Other interesting features, however, are common in all of the editions, like the creation and restoring of files versions.

In conclusion, Backup4All is one of the most comprehensive backup/restore apps available at the moment, and covers the needs of the vast majority or PC users. The most practical edition is the Portable, as you can install it on a pen drive and use it on any PC, although it is the most pricey one.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Create any number of backup jobs.
  • Supports multiple types of destinations.
  • Supports backup jobs scheduling.
  • Includes intuitive backup/restore wizards.
  • Supports multiple types of backups.
  • Uses standard ZIP compression for your backups.
  • Creates/restores files versions


  • You can test only one of the available editions
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